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The best exercises to do at home without equipment, according to a coach
Jonas0011 02/23/2021 04:48 AM CST

Charles Orrico, sports nutritionist specialized in sports, has spoken with Vozpópuli to recommend a routine that can be done quietly from the living room or bedroom

During the confinement caused by the coronavirus, many people began to exercise at home so as not to miss a beat (and the line either) and thus stay healthy and not gain too much weight. Since then, many continue to be concerned about their health and turn to specialists to help them stay on the right track and shed those kilos that bother them so much.

Changing your lifestyle only depends on yourself because it is a round trip. That you do not like going to any sports center to do sports or if being afraid of catching the virus in the facilities is no longer an excuse to take control of your body. Getting started is the difficult thing, but once you have taken a habit, everything will change and it will be better.

Putting yourself in the hands of a professional is key to doing things right. In fact, a qualified sports person who studies your circumstances and objectives to design a specific plan for you and who supervises your sessions is totally necessary if you really want your words to become real actions.

Exercising at home is the key (if you do it right)

There are many routines with exercises without machines that you can practice in any room of the house, whether in your room or in the living room, and always trying not to hurt yourself or break anything (do not forget to remove what is in between to perform any movement correctly without any problem).

In 2016, Charles Orrico, graduated in nutrition and dietetics, specialized in sports nutrition and trained as a personal trainer, set up his own business to help all those people who want to change their lifestyle with a healthy diet and doing sports. In addition, since the pandemic, this professional has realized that Covid-19 has caused people to have much more anxiety and, therefore, they have gained weight.

Although this Belgian bred Alicante has not noticed that his volume has grown exponentially since last March, he does assure that the training plans that he has developed for his clients since then are largely to be done at home. "Many people who went to the gym have asked me how they should exercise at home because they are no longer registered, although lately I prepare them for anyone to do in both places," said the expert in statements to Vózpopuli.

The benefit of doing it at home is that you can train completely without taking more than 45 minutes a day

"In addition to doing sports, eating efficiently brings you endless benefits; it improves your body composition, balances your hormonal system and reduces the risks of diseases, among many other benefits," added Charles. " The ideal is to always mix exercise cardiovascular if the objective is to reduce the fat percentage”, has continued this professional whose objective is that people achieve their goals with a “simple, intuitive methodology that creates adherence on a day-to-day basis”.

Five exercises to do at home and lose weight

For this reason, the coach, who has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram, has drawn up a list of five exercises with which anyone could work at home with almost no difficulty. And in the case of wanting to raise the level, you could simply use a few bottles full of water as weight."The benefit of doing it at home is that it is not necessary to have so much time and you can train completely without taking more than 45 minutes a day. You save on the gym subscription and you can do it at any time without having to move, "Orrico assured.

1) Squats

It is one of the most complete and interesting exercises to strengthen the lower body because it helps tone the abdomen, buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings, among others. To perform them correctly, be very careful with the position of your body. Your feet should be the same distance as your shoulders, that is, they have to stay on the same perpendicular line. Push your chest out and tighten your abs and glutes to reinforce the effect of the exercise and give your spine more stability. Face up because the head guides the spine, if you look at the ground you will run the risk of hurting yourself. If you also want to add a little more difficulty, you can do them with jumping, while maintaining good balance.

2) Deadlift

This exercise is very complete because it works the muscles of the 'core' or the central area of ​​the body. A starting position is acquired with the legs spread shoulder-width apart, keeping the knees slightly bent throughout the work.

covid-19 has caused people to have much more anxiety and, therefore, they have gained weight

From there, a hip bend or bow is performed bringing the arms to a point midway between the knees and ankles. You should always descend with your back straight to avoid injuries and ascend by making forces from the abdomen, where we want to focus the effectiveness of the exercise. Keep your chest forward and shoulders back with your eyes always straight ahead and your back never curved. Don't push yourself or use inertia and go smooth from start to finish.

3) Lunges

Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart. Then one leg is moved forward to a 90-degree angle with the knee as the body descends vertically. After a few seconds holding the posture, you return to the starting position using force with quadriceps, glutes and abdominals, and the other leg comes forward. The back should be kept straight and the hips level.

You can do them with jumping too and thus add more difficulty. Lunge hard from the ground, jumping and shifting your legs mid-jump to land in a lunge position with your opposite leg in front.

4) Burpees

Although it is an exercise that many hate, the truth is that it is very complete and intense (the glutes, quadriceps, abs, pectorals and arms are worked). Stand up in a position similar to that of a soldier. Then you have to squat down, put your hands on the ground and jump your legs back to the bottom position. Once you get there, jump back to squatting and jump back to standing position with a clap. " About four sets of 15-20 reps of each exercise is fine." explains Charles.

5) Push-ups

To perform this exercise that everyone knows, you must lie on your stomach resting your arms extended on the floor, with your hands in a straight line with your shoulders. The fingers (of the hands) should be facing forward, as well as the head, and those of the feet should be the only part of the limb that touches the ground. It is very important that you put your feet together and your body straight. Stay straight with your hips aligned, otherwise the strength will be lost and your arms will not be able to hold. If you find that you cannot with your knees raised, use them as a point of support but cross your feet and bring them up.

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