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Rejuvenate by eating
jeo 02/23/2021 04:19 AM CST

At the 14th World Congress of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine, a diet based on hormonal balance has been proposed to avoid the symptoms of aging.

"You can achieve a younger appearance and perform better if you can control your sugar levels," said Dr.  Barry Sears, president of the Inflammation Research Foundation and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Boston School of Medicine, in the 14th World Congress of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine held in Monte Carlo.

 "Consuming carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the caloric ratio 40-30-30, respectively, improves physical and mental performance"

Antiaging nutrition   is based on the use of a hormonal balance diet that allows maintaining constant blood sugar levels with the lowest possible calorie consumption, but without starvation or fatigue.

The 3 golden rules of the "The Zone" method created by Dr. Sears are:

  1. Control sugar levels if you eat at least five meals a day with carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the 40-30-30 caloric ratio, respectively.
  2. An adequate supply of Omega 3 to reduce cellular inflammation in our body and contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and brain.
  3. The consumption of polyphenols, which are chemicals that color fruits and vegetables and that act as potent antioxidants of plant origin that help control the oxidative stress

"The consumption of polyphenols and Omega 3 helps fight oxidative stress and reduce cellular inflammation"

 " Polyphenols, present mainly in fruits, vegetables, coffee, olive oil, cocoa or red wine are essential to maintain an optimal balance at the intestinal level and achieve greater longevity", has detailed the specialist. "Omega 3 fatty acids, present in oily fish, in addition to controlling the level of cellular inflammation, reduce excess fat and the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes."

In short, a new type of antiaging that can be understood as a pro-wellness strategy that allows you to live longer and with a better quality of life.

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