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The food that you should include in your breakfast: it is healthy, cheap and helps you lose weight
john 02/22/2021 01:34 AM CST


There is much talk about the importance of having fruits for breakfast and little about how necessary proteins are first thing in the day. Today we bring you an ideal food for breakfast

Losing weight without hunger and fast is easy if we make the right choices with our diet. And breakfast and dinner play a very important role, because they will determine whether or not we end up gaining weight throughout the day.

That is why today we are going to talk to you about breakfast. We all know you have to do it right, but most of us pass. We get up just in time to have a coffee or not, and then we sin in the middle of the morning with industrial pastries or unhealthy food loaded with sugar, which in addition to getting fat, triggers our insulin level, causing us to spend the day biting.

It isn’t broken down by your body, so it doesn’t affect your blood sugar. (Although many foods with fiber contain sugars and starches that do.) Eating 25-30 grams of fiber (like you find in oatmeal) each day may help you better manage your blood sugar. Increase to this amount slowly, though. And drink lots of water so you don’t get constipated. 

 Altai Balance

This is the ideal breakfast

An optimal and balanced breakfast should include protein, bread on toast, whole grains, a piece of fruit or juice, jams or honey, and some fatty option rich in omega 3 such as olive oil.


The essential, as we see, is to banish sugar and eat foods high in protein to keep you on your feet during the day and not gain weight.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast will regulate your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, preventing you from snacking on carbohydrates and getting low mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

You should choose those foods that have proteins naturally, that is, no processed or rare shakes. For the protein intake your breakfast needs, you have plenty to choose from, such as milk, yogurt, salmon, tuna, turkey, quinoa or ...  eggs.

Eggs for breakfast, a good option to be healthy and slim

For the lazy, and for those concerned about animal welfare, a good breakfast option is eggs, which are healthy, cheap, and packed with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, they are low in fat, which gives them a low calorie content and they hardly provide sugar. A whole egg provides approximately 76 calories, the same as a piece of fruit, so it feeds a lot and helps prevent obesity. In this regard, a study carried out in overweight women showed that eating eggs increased the feeling of fullness and made the participants eat less during the next 36 hours.

Beyond its great nutritional contribution, its low caloric content and its ability to be a very satiating food, eggs are a rich source of both vitamins A and Vitamin D, whose synthesis can be diminished in the event that we do not let's expose to the sun. Without forgetting that the yolk of the egg helps the ocular and nervous system, since it has choline, a nutrient that influences the development of sight, as well as the brain.

How many eggs can I have a day?

Although they have been widely vilified in recent years, new studies show that they neither affect blood cholesterol nor cause heart attacks, as has been claimed.

For many decades, people have been advised to limit their consumption of eggs, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

Some studies have examined the effects of eggs on cholesterol levels, and have found that up to three whole eggs can be eaten per day in healthy people.


Beyond the fried egg: breakfast options

We can eat eggs in multiple ways. The best known are fried, boiled, scrambled or in a French omelette. But if you want to innovate, we bring you three recipes loaded with protein and healthy, provided by the experts at Pazo de Vilane, and that also serve for dinner:

  • Egg to the glass with turkey: boil an egg for 5 minutes, cut the top and pour it into a large glass, toast bread and add turkey cubes.
  • Whole wheat toast with tomato jam base and grilled egg. We add a touch of salt and pepper.
  • Baked eggs with zucchini base. Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Grease the container where we are going to cook with a drizzle of virgin olive oil. Cut the zucchini into small cubes and season with a splash of vinegar. Season with salt and pepper and add a little granulated garlic and herbs to taste. Bake 10 minutes. Cover and bake for another 8-10 minutes. Take out carefully, wait for it to cool down a bit and form a hole in the center. Break the free-range egg right in the hole that we have prepared. Lightly season and grill until the eggs are set to taste. They usually take about 8-10 minutes. Ideally, the white is curdled and the yolk remains liquid inside. Serve with chopped fresh parsley.