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Why is it bad to eat all the time?
Sherly_admin 02/22/2021 01:26 AM CST

Many times, while we diet, we strictly adhere to the main meals, that is, we make breakfast correctly, we measure ourselves at lunch and at dinner we do not eat more than what the diet indicates, but we can have the habit of eating every so often, or do what is considered " snacking between meals" , and that is not healthy  and we will tell you why.

Disadvantages of eating all the time

Between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner and after dinner, we tend to wipe out our pantry or refrigerator.

Many times, we do not realize it, and we eat a few "potatoes", a little "chocolatito", without realizing that the "itos" are really a tremendous contribution of calories that can make our diet not work as it should.

Here are some tips to avoid snacking between meals, so you can keep your diet as healthy as possible.

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Tricks to avoid eating all the time

The main trick is to eat 5 meals a day, with this you will be able to kill your hunger until you reach the main meal, be it the meal itself or dinner.

Of the 5 meals, lunch and snack have to be very light, this means that the calorie intake is reduced, but there are foods that have reduced calories and give a high feeling of satiety, such as:

  • fiber yogurts.
  • an apple chewed slowly
  • protein-fortified yogurts
  • specific products for snacking between meals, such as some bimanan products.

Another trick is the " hot water " trick, which is based on the fact that our body often confuses hunger with thirst. Therefore, when you have those feelings that seem like hunger, you can try to drink a glass of water at the same time or warm water. With this we will verify that the feeling of hunger is lost while you hydrate your body.

Mint or toothbrushing: when you brush your teeth or take (sugar-free) mint candies, the feeling of hunger is diminished, so a good option when you see that hunger is tightening is to resort to brushing your teeth.

Natural products to avoid hunger between meals

There are products to avoid getting to lunch or dinner voraciously, such as Konjac glucomannan. This is a dietary fiber that does not provide calories, but once taken it swells in your stomach, causing a feeling of satiety, so you eat with less voracity or appetite. It is taken a few minutes before eating, the ideal is to take it while preparing food.

When hunger strikes between meals, and especially the body "asks" you for sweet, a product that can help you a lot is garcinia cambodia.

Garcinia Cambodia comes from a bush, and thanks to its hydroxycitric acid content, it modulates the appetite, making it easier for you to deal with appetite attacks.

In addition, it has properties that act directly on carbohydrates and helps reduce the appetite for sweets.