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No Wonder My Jigsaw Bounces!
David Warner 02/19/2021 03:42 AM CST

I purchased a corded Bosch jigsaw a couple of years back and it sure cuts well, and smooth! 

Be that as it may, since I have many cordless 18V Lithium enhanced force apparatuses, I purchased a cordless Ryobi jigsaw around 2 years prior. It cuts yet it sure isn't a Bosch! It skips everywhere; simply appears to be so unequal or something! Today, I expected to several 6 inch round cuts in a 2 x 3 ft sheet of 3/4" compressed wood. It skiped so terrible in the initial 3 crawls of cut that I thought - would it be a good idea for me to get another cutting edge or pull out my corded Bosch? I detected another "in the bundle" cutting edge close to my Bosch and chose, what the hell, let me attempt the new edge. 

At that point as I was preparing to remove the old edge from the Ryobi, I saw - All of the teeth were pointing DOWN - away from the dewalt saw machine. When did I purchase THAT sharp edge? Did I KNOW that I was purchasing a descending cutting edge, when I got it? Probably been at any two or three years back about the time I purchased the Ryobi Jigsaw. NO WONDER it was bobbing near. It was chopping on the down stroke - pushing the jigsaw UP! 

I changed the cutting edges out and Wow, it resembles an alternate machine. 

I looked into DownWard cutting jigsaw edges and discovered they are for cutting covers. 

It sure assists with having the RIGHT edge!