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How can I be a driving instructor in Chile?
Jonson 02/18/2021 04:08 AM CST


Table of Contents

How to become a driver instructor in Chile?

Non-professional licenses

Professional licenses

Where to obtain SEMEP accreditation

How much does a driving instructor earn in Chile?

In Chile, there are a large number of driving schools, both for those who are just starting out in driving and also for those who seek to obtain a professional driving license, but few know that these institutions must meet a series of requirements. 

Being a driving instructor in Chile is a job for which a series of requirements are required and thus obtain the necessary permits to perform as instructors in authorized schools throughout the national territory.  But do you know what it takes if you want to be a driving teacher? We will discover it below. 

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How to become a driver instructor in Chile? 

To become a driving instructor in Chile, there are different requirements as to whether you will work in a school that teaches non-professional or professional licensing programs. The same if it is that it will dictate theoretical classes or will dedicate itself to the teaching of practical skills. 

The accreditations are delivered by the SEMEP (Section of psychometric measurements of the Police of Chile). 

Non-professional licenses 

To obtain the SEMEP certification to be a practical and basic mechanics instructor in class B courses, the applicant must at least: 

Have a class B license with at least seven years old 

Prove that they have at least a complete high school educational level or its equivalent.

Valid identity card. It will be necessary to bring a photocopy.

Show that they passed a training course related to basic mechanics and traffic.

Have moral suitability, which is determined by analyzing your background certificate and driver's resume.

Complying with these antecedents, the applicant must take practical, theoretical, basic mechanics, sensometric and psychotechnical exams, as well as a medical exam.   

These exams are repeated every two or four years, in order to maintain the accreditation that will allow them to perform as practical driving instructors. 

The requirements to be a theoretical driving instructor for class B licenses are the same, with the exception of the age of the class B license and the exams to be taken are only theoretical. 

Professional licenses 

In the case of professional licenses, aspiring driving instructors must meet different requirements than those who are dedicated to non-professionals. 

The requirements to obtain the SEMEP accreditation credential for professional licenses are: 

Possess a license equivalent to the kind of driving-license for which they wish to be an instructor for at least 7 years 

Prove that they completed their high school or equivalent studies.

Take and pass a training course in driving, theory, and mechanics aimed especially at those who want to be instructors for professional driving schools.

Demonstrate moral suitability by reviewing your background certificate and driver's resume.

Valid identity card and photocopy of it.

If the requirements just indicated are met, applicants for SEMEP accreditation to become a driving instructor for professional classes in Chile, must perform: 

Theoric exam 

Practical test 

Mechanics Skills Test 

Psychometric, sensitometric tests  

Medical exam 

In the case of those who are going to dedicate themselves to teaching the theoretical aspects necessary to obtain a professional license, the requirements are the same with the exception of the age of the license. Likewise, they only have to take the theoretical exam. 

The Carabineros de Chile is the only body authorized to deliver the accreditation and credential that authorizes people to become driving instructors in Chile, both to obtain it the first time as well as to renew it. 

Where to obtain SEMEP accreditation 

The cost of the procedure is not indicated on the institution's website, but it can be obtained by calling SEMEP. This must be canceled at the beginning of the accreditation process through a bank voucher. 

How much does a driving instructor earn in Chile?

The salary of a driving instructor in Chile will depend on the classes I took, the duration of the classes, the displacement they must do, and the commune where they provide their services. So, if you are considering being a driving class teacher, you should bear in mind that the salary will range between 600,000 and 900,000 pesos for this year 2021.