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How To Use The Power Of Your Mind To Live Life By Design
Promind Complex Review 09/12/2020 05:42 AM CST

Rich vs Living Rich

Recently, a successful businessman told an audience how he made millions of dollars, bought a luxury home and luxury car and had all the things that made him successful. Still, he was pathetic. He had learned to control the process of acquiring property, but he had not learned to live by design.

The businessman told the story of how he starts focusing on what he  Promind Complex Review wanted. What others say is not what he wants, but rather what he really wants. He used the power of his brain to make money; Now he is using his power of mind in various ways.

He wrote in his magazine about the kind of house he wanted to live in, what kind of work he wanted to do and what he was for. He then closed his journal, and forgot about what he had written.

Less than half a year later, the businessman moved his family to a new home, from where he spent his entire life. He worked fewer hours than before, but made more money. Not only did he enjoy his free time, but he also enjoyed his work. One day he came across his old magazine and opened it. He was surprised to see that the life described in his magazine matched the expanse of the life he was now living. So he encourages the audience to tell us about the ways of doing business, but also how we want to use the power of our brain.

Life as life design or feather

At the beginning of the film "Forest Gump", we see a feather waving in the air, hovering over places and finally taking us to a place where the wind blows. Forrest Gump's question was, "Do we control our floor, or does it happen now?" Do we just go on with life or do we decide our life? For One Gump, it can be both. It can be an easy way to swim through life like a feather, but it can lead to unnecessary destinations. On the other hand, living with design means using the power of the mind, which means that life gives us what we want.

Strange stories are told in the stories that people used their brains to do amazing things: Houdini worked as an illusionist and escape artist for his muscles and breathing. Uri Jailer is technically famous for its ability to move things or change its anatomical structure using its brain. The most successful athletes, artists, writers, businessmen, and professionals of all types, reiterate the power of mind for their success.

Where men and women have attained the above tasks and successes, they have tapped into the power of their minds to control some part of their existence. Ironically, when it comes to designing your life, you need to learn to get out of control and focus only on your desires.

Ego and conscious mind

Ego is defined as "Self". A big ego is one that attracts a lot of attention, and thoughts are primarily directed towards self-gratification. A small ego is one that wants less attention, and self-satisfaction is not a big priority. The size of your ego is not an important factor in using the power of the mind. What matters is that you allow the ego to influence your thinking.

Large or small, the ego seeks control over the process of achievement. That process starts thinking. And thinking is the work of conscious mind. It is in the conscious mind that we create goals and design plans to achieve them. When using the conscious mind to control the process of achievement, the conscious mind satisfies the ego. Great achievements like Houdini have harnessed the power of the conscious mind to gain remarkable control over themselves.

As much as the potential power of the conscious mind is infinite, the power of the subconscious mind is infinitely great. The subconscious mind is connected with the life force that keeps your lungs breathing and can beat your heart whether you are awake or sleeping. The subconscious mind does not have active thoughts. Neither logical reasoning, nor planning, nor consciousness works in any way related to the mind. In any case, the subconscious mind seeks solutions to problems.